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Sandra is an Executive Coach, Trainer and Business Consultant and the founding member of The Coaching Foundry.

“My background is in the public and private sector, where I’ve worked in senior manager, training and analysts roles over the years.

Part of my job became facilitating, training and developing people and I found I loved this much more than balancing budgets so when a coach helped me understand that I was putting myself in a box I didn’t fit in, I decided to explore my creative talents and find out how that might transform my professional life.

In 2011, upon being offered a promotion, that I thought I desired, I took a deep breath and said ‘no’. I realised instead, that I wanted to work in a way that aligned to my values and where I could affect positive change. I decided to retrain as a executive coach and start a consultancy business. I recognised that in coaching, and the philosophy it teaches, that I had found my missing piece – a piece that really matters.

“I focuses on creating possibilities with people who want to be..well..more. More self-aware, more authentic, more able to do the things that ignite a fire in their belly.

People like working with me as much as I do with them because I believe in them and trust that they are remarkable. Capable of remarkable things. This kind of belief can be game changing. Its something I know and have been privileged to experience for myself over the years through my own coaching and the impact can be extraordinary.

I run this business, operating in a more creative and energetic way, because I do work that I love with people I’m interested in. Ultimately, whatever work we are doing together, I’m interested in what we may become when we embrace all that we are”.

After beginning her Professional Coaching qualification with the ICF accredited training organisation, Coaching Development, in 2012, Sandra is now accredited as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the ICF which marks an important milestone in her coaching career.

The ICF global organisation was formed in 1995, and has become the leading global coaching organisation, with over 20,000 members worldwide.

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Sandra is proud to be a member of the UK Chapter of The International Coaching Federation (ICF).