The Coaching Foundry’s Aims

The Coaching Foundry’s aim is to help you and your people becoming more connected, more inspired and more passionate in the way they work and live. I believe this makes for happier, motivated people because when we are happy and motivated, we can do our best work. It makes good business sense doesn’t it?

I think that business success is important and want to help you in a way that doesn’t compromise your values (or mine) because I think that this is the kind of success worth having.

My Ethos

At The Coaching Foundry, I want to have a positive impact on the world we live in, the people we know and the people they know.

I lead by example which means I commit to providing genuine, supportive services. These services are provided by myself and where appropriate, other hand-picked trainers and coaches who are values-led, ethical practitioners.

My Services

The support I provide comes in different formats because businesses are at different stages and have different business needs:
  • I offer coaching and mentoring for high potential individuals;
  • I facilitate training programmes and workshops for small teams

Whichever option you choose first, my support is always designed around your needs. If you like the sound of what I do, then get in touch because our work together starts here.