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Start-up Business Workshops

I’m delighted to say I’ve partnered with Goldsmiths University, based in South East London, to offer a free workshop for new Start-Ups looking to grow their businesses and their business skills. This is part of the Lewisham Change Makers campaign, and takes me right back to my old London-ite stomping grounds.

My workshop – Getting to Your Goalsfocuses on good communication skills, demonstrating coaching models and techniques which you can use for yourself, with your team, and with your customers or clients. If you have a passion for creating social change then this might be right up your street so click on the link business workshops to register for this and the other great free workshops being held at the University campus in May and June 2019.

Finding i: My inner entrepreneur

Inner Entrepreneur

I’ve been thinking to myself lately, when starting up a business, at what point do we become entrepreneurs?

I’ve noticed over the past 3 years I’ve been in business that I’ve made some kind of transition in self-belief and authentically in knowing what I stand for.

From the early days of saying a slightly hesitant “well, you know, I work for myself.” (accompanied by an apologetic smile) I’ve moved to a more recently found boldness to say: “Yes, I run my own business!” (it seems to deserve an exclamation mark in my view). So, now I’m wondering if I’m ready to declare my inner entrepreneur and let her fly free? Read more