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Case Studies


Wondering how coaching might be useful in your organisation? Here are case studies where we have used coaching and mentoring to make a difference.


Case Study 1: Coaching a General Manager to Visualise His Success

This manager joined a new business after a period of significant transition in his professional life and when he first took on his role, he was carrying a fair amount of negative baggage from his previous work. This meant that he was not performing to his true potential, as he was letting issues of mis-trust, lack of focus and resistance of the new culture cloud his judgement and hold him back. He felt unsettled and often thought about leaving.

His boss and colleagues recognised his potential and talent, but found him difficult to deal with and hard to manage as he always seemed to want to do things ‘his way’. They struggled to know how best to communicate with him.

Impact of Coaching

Through coaching, he recognised that his communication style often made him seem defensive and uncooperative to others and so he found a way to share his thoughts in a calm, positive and logical way that was less emotional and more inclusive.

He developed a vision for his future career with his boss and found that this acted as a strong motivator and steer for him to buy-in to the business and trust that others wanted him to succeed. By focusing on the type of leader he wanted to be, he became more effective in his role and let go of his resistance to following processes and procedures, seeing them instead as positive enablers to the business unit being more productive.


Case Study 2: Mentoring & Coaching a New Manager to Become More Effective

This young manager was promoted during a period of transition in her business unit, where she and her colleagues had began working with a new boss, a new IT system and a new set of colleagues, with different ideas about how things should be done.

She wanted to make a good impression, and show that she was capable of doing the job, and worthy of the promotion but at the same time, felt a lack of confidence and experience in managing others. She sometimes felt conflicted in needing to make tough decisions whilst still wanting to be liked by her team.

Impact of Mentoring and Coaching

Through mentoring, she found a safe, confidential space to talk through different potential strategies and acknowledge her fears of getting it wrong. She gained skills in how to manage people with different personalities whilst still being true to her values and develop her own more confident and consistent style. She learnt techniques for setting goals and targets for her team and engaging them in their own development to feel more empowered in their new environment.

Coaching processes helped her recognise how her own attitudes and beliefs about what others might think of her, was impacting her confidence. She learned to take ownership of her own actions and behaviours and allow others to manage theirs too, to develop a healthier, adult to adult relationship. She now makes well-justified decisions with trust and self-assurance and has recently been promoted to head up this growth area of the business.