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Finding i: My inner entrepreneur

Inner Entrepreneur

I’ve been thinking to myself lately, when starting up a business, at what point do we become entrepreneurs?

I’ve noticed over the past 3 years I’ve been in business that I’ve made some kind of transition in self-belief and authentically in knowing what I stand for.

From the early days of saying a slightly hesitant “well, you know, I work for myself.” (accompanied by an apologetic smile) I’ve moved to a more recently found boldness to say: “Yes, I run my own business!” (it seems to deserve an exclamation mark in my view). So, now I’m wondering if I’m ready to declare my inner entrepreneur and let her fly free?

I thought I’d look it up to see if I qualify and found that Peter Drucker, the popular management ‘guru’, suggested that a entrepreneur is a special breed of business owner, who creates something new and different and changes values in some way.

To be thought of as special for our unique contribution is something that most of us wouldn’t sniff at I imagine, and I’m particularly drawn to the changing values part. To change the values that only serve to keep us small would be really special.

Then my mind took a step and I suddenly thought hang on a minute, my Finding i: Self Discovery workshop, is designed to help people change the values they place on their own unique contributions, to allow them to create something new and different. So, does that mean I’m an entrepreneur helping people release their inner entrepreneurs?

The idea made me smile and I felt a fluttering of wings. Am I an entrepreneur? Do you know what, yes, I think I’ll take that, I think I’m learning to fly.

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