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Coaching and Mentoring


At The Coaching Foundry, I run coaching and mentoring programmes for individuals and organisations alike, which are tailored to your specific needs and budget so they get you results. To help you think about what you might need, here are some useful pointers.


The role of Coaching

Working with a coach helps you discover your best bits, whether that means:

  • connecting you to your most confident and relaxed self so you can overcome your nerves because you want to own that meeting;
  • discovering what’s most important to you in your job because you want to get the most out of it and perform to your best;
  • or finding your powerful inner voice because you want to inspire those you lead.

Here’s what one of my clients said of coaching:

“I discovered Sandra from The Coaching Foundry and after our initial meeting I felt confident that she was the one to help me question and challenge myself, re examine my aspirations and guide me to identify a pathway for the future”.

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The role of Mentoring

Working with a mentor can help you in your career development, whether this means:

  • sharing knowledge and experience about an area of your work that is new to you because you are feeling a bit stuck with it;
  • looking for advice or guidance because you have an exciting new career opportunity;
  • or needing a little encouragement and honest feedback on a new process you are about to introduce to your team.

Working with me as your mentor will help you be the confident manager you want to be.

Here’s what one of my clients said of mentoring:

“The support I received has been invaluable in helping me to enjoy my role again, reducing the pressure, which at one point felt unbearable.  I would recommend Sandra to anyone in a similar situation, as she is approachable and challenging in the right amounts, coupled with many years management experience to draw upon.”


How Coaching Works

Working with me as your coach means having a structured conversation about a topic you choose where I’m totally with you. We will focused on your outcomes, what you want and how you can get there because your solutions are the ones that matter.

We will spend together time looking at options which focus on your future, are sustainable and yet keep stretching you. As your coach, I will support and challenge you in equal measures because I want to help you uncover your best path and make changes that will have the biggest positive influence on your life.

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How Mentoring Works

Working with me as your mentor is about having a structured conversation about a topic you choose where I’m totally with you and am there to advise and guide you. We will focused on your outcomes because I want you to recognise what you want and help you can get there.

We will spend time looking at possible solutions which focus on the future and are sustainable and yet stretch you. As your mentor, I will support and inspire you, offer encouragement and help you identify resources that move your career forward. I will challenge you to make the changes that will create the biggest difference to your life.

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Contracting is one of the most important pieces to coaching and mentoring, why? because it lays the foundation for the relationship between you and your coach or mentor and defines the purpose, process and outcomes desired.

In this way, it allows you both to establish the environment and conditions that are going to give you the best chances of success. It will include deciding on the topic/s you bring, what outcomes you are looking for and what tools and techniques help clear the blocks and bring out your best thinking.


A typical coaching or mentoring session is:

  • 1 – 2 hours in length;
  • A conversation held face-to-face, by Skype or by telephone;
  • A minimum of 6 sessions of 3 – 6 months in duration.

Your first meeting with me as your coach or mentor will be a complimentary session because I want to give you the opportunity to see how well coaching or mentoring works for you before you sign up. During this session, we can tailor a programme specific to your needs and define how often we will meet, where our meetings will take place and confirm any fees relating to the process.

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The Coaches

Myself and any coaches who work with The Coaching Foundry have completed an approved Professional Coaching Skills course or are accredited with an established Coaching organisation such as the ICF. I do this because it means those coaches adhere to a code of ethics, will be professional, treat you with respect and hold conversations in strict confidence.

I am a member and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with The International Coach Federation (ICF).

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