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Training and Workshops


Every business is different and so are your training needs.

I offer facilitated workshops and bespoke training courses because this means you get content tailored to your requirements and your people learn useful skills in a creative way.


Are your management team joined up and working from the same agenda?

I offer:  An objective setting workshop where we explore what it means to be a high-performing team, examine collaboration and influence, support and challenge. We then get down to the detail and decide what the objectives need to be and whats the very next step your team is going to take.


Can teamwork sometimes feel a bit disjointed and difficult? Are your team aware of each other’s strengths and working styles?

I offer: Team building workshops based on Myers Briggs working style preferences. I look at the profiles of the team, examine how this shows up at work and how this can be helpful in getting people working together more effectively.


Would you like your managers to listen more and help their staff feel empowered to make decisions?

I offer: Coaching Skills workshops where we explore listening and questioning skills, how we can encourage our staff to take ownership of issues and solutions. We then practice a structured approach to managing conversations using the ‘GROW’ model of coaching.


Process for designing a course

My courses are bespoke because I believe you are unique. I design a course only after speaking to you and your staff and working out what it is that you want.

Why do I do this? Well, here is some feedback from a recent workshop:

“They had found the day very engaging and were energised by the fact that it had been tailored for them specifically – they felt valued. One of the team said that he had been on “loads of things like that” and it was the best off-site workshop/training he had ever had”.