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Helping You Forge Your Path to Success.

I will help you become more connected, more inspired and more passionate about the way you live and work.

I believe when we are happy and motivated, we can do our best work and forge a path towards success.


Set your Direction

Are you ready? It’s time to make a plan and decide what you want from this stage of your life. With a clear direction of travel, we can forge your path to success and then take each step to achieving it.

Develop your Career

Is our focus on your work or play? your burning ambition or your side-hussle project? Let’s channel our energy and focus to progress the things that matter most, for maximum benefit.

Build your Resilience

Being motivated to change means pushing on even when it feels difficult because you know it’s the right thing to do. We will build up your resources so you can successfully navigate the road bumps.

Gain more Skills

Most of the time, you will have everything you need within yourself to make progress. For the times you don’t, I will share tools that enhance your self-belief, your self-awareness and your self-regulation.

About Me

My Focus

Hi, I’m Sandra Miller-Simpson ACC. It’s great to welcome you!

Here at The Coaching Foundry, I work with you in 4 main areas, which are:

  • Helping you set a direction according to what interests or inspires you.
  • Looking at what you want from your career and planning how you can get there.
  • Building your resilience for the good times as well as the struggles, so you can keep your focus.
  • Providing you with tools, techniques and new skills when you need them, through mentoring and training.

Whatever you focus is, we combine it with building up your ‘3 selves’:  your self-belief; your self-awareness and your self-regulation.

My Background

I’ve been working in business for the past 25 years. During that time, I’ve been a crime analyst for the police, a trainer from the Home Office, a senior manager for a H&S consultancy and a numeracy and career coach for the NHS. Yep, it’s been varied but very much focused around finding answers.

I’ve picked up some qualifications along the way too.


I qualified as a Coach in 2013 and have been working with clients since then whilst running my own business.

I became accredited in 2015 with the ICF. Coaching is fairly unregulated so having an accreditation gives you some assurances.

It means I’m trained to a recognised standard, regularly update my knowledge and skills and work in an ethical, professional way.


I qualified as a Manager in 2008, gaining a executive diploma in management studies at night school. This means I have solid practical and theoretical knowledge of what it takes to be a successful leader in an SME.


I qualified as a Trainer back in 1996 and began to teach criminal law to new police recruits. These days, I run communication workshops focused around the coaching skills I’ve learnt, and how they can be applied to create better relationships at work and home.


For fun, I weight-train, run, cycle, sculpt, learn French and make wooly hats.


I have enjoyed all the session with you and it helped me to organise my work and improve my managing the team.

During those sessions, I had so many great ideas on how I can get better not only in the company but as well in my personal life.

Our sessions evolved through time and in the end we have reached a satisfying equilibrium allowing me to expand my headspace enabling me to do more and coach my team better. I think I’m a better man now! Ready to conquer the world!

Jakub P

Operations Manager

Although sceptical at first, I quickly became relaxed with, and trusted, Sandra.

Her experience in business, her approach and her methods helped me with trying to unlock my concerns and identify clearer ways of dealing with them.

I am looking forward to working with her again in the New Year!

Robert B

General Manager

I have found my coaching with Sandra to be extremely valuable for a number of reasons. Certain words come to mind as I reflect back on myself: unorganised, negative, confused about the way forward and emotionally fragile.

Sandra’s compassionate and insightful approach, her patience, understanding and remarkable instincts, all allowed me to take an honest assessment of myself and my situation.

What I valued so much about our sessions is that I felt proud of myself at a particularly low point in my life.

Sandra is a charismatic and professional coach and she gets my highest of recommendations.

Sophie I

Teaching Assistant / Researcher

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